plague is in the City this week by the Bill; which by chance, at

Greenwich, I had heard was 2,020 of the plague, and 3,000 and odd of all

diseases; but methought it was a sad question to be so often asked me.

Coming to Dagenhams, I there met our company coming out of the house,

having staid as long as they could for me; so I let them go a little

before, and went and took leave of my Lady Sandwich, good woman, who seems

very sensible of my service in this late business, and having her

directions in some things, among others, to get Sir G. Carteret and my

Lord to settle the portion, and what Sir G. Carteret is to settle, into

land, soon as may be, she not liking that it should lie long undone, for

fear of death on either side. So took leave of her, and then down to the

buttery, and eat a piece of cold venison pie, and drank and took some

bread and cheese in my hand; and so mounted after them, Mr. Marr very

kindly staying to lead me the way. By and by met my Lord Crew returning,

after having accompanied them a little way, and so after them, Mr. Marr

telling me by the way how a mayde servant of Mr. John Wright's (who lives

thereabouts) falling sick of the plague, she was removed to an out-house,

and a nurse appointed to look to her; who, being once absent, the mayde

got out of the house at the window, and run away. The nurse coming and

knocking, and having no answer, believed she was dead, and went and told

Mr. Wright so; who and his lady were in great strait what to do to get her

buried. At last resolved to go to Burntwood hard by, being in the parish,

and there get people to do it. But they would not; so he went home full

of trouble, and in the way met the wench walking over the common, which

frighted him worse than before; and was forced to send people to take her,

which he did; and they got one of the pest coaches and put her into it to

carry her to a pest house. And passing in a narrow lane, Sir Anthony

Browne, with his brother and some friends in the coach, met this coach

with the curtains drawn close. The brother being a young man, and

believing there might be some lady in it that would not be seen, and the

way being narrow, he thrust his head out of his own into her coach, and to

look, and there saw somebody look very ill, and in a sick dress, and stunk

mightily; which the coachman also cried out upon. And presently they come

up to some people that stood looking after it, and told our gallants that

it was a mayde of Mr. Wright's carried away sick of the plague; which put

the young gentleman into a fright had almost cost him his life, but is now

well again. I, overtaking our young people, 'light, and into the coach to

them, where mighty merry all the way; and anon come to the Blockehouse,

over against Gravesend, where we staid a great while, in a little

drinking-house. Sent back our coaches to Dagenhams. I, by and by, by

boat to Gravesend, where no newes of Sir G. Carteret come yet; so back

again, and fetched them all over, but the two saddle-horses that were to

go with us, which could not be brought over in the horseboat, the wind and

tide being against us, without towing; so we had some difference with some

watermen, who would not tow them over under 20s., whereupon I swore to

send one of them to sea and will do it. Anon some others come to me and

did it for 10s. By and by comes Sir G. Carteret, and so we set out for

Chatham: in my way overtaking some company, wherein was a lady, very

pretty, riding singly, her husband in company with her. We fell into

talke, and I read a copy of verses which her husband showed me, and he

discommended, but the lady commended: and I read them, so as to make the

husband turn to commend them. By and by he and I fell into acquaintance,

having known me formerly at the Exchequer. His name is Nokes, over

against Bow Church. He was servant to Alderman Dashwood. We promised to

meet, if ever we come both to London again; and, at parting, I had a fair

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